Lawn Game Rental Bookings

For bookings, we now use an automated on-line booking system through This will allow you to select your games, the dates, and
provide us with other neccesary details we require to process your booking.

It also tracks Lawn Games stock levels in real time, so that you can see
what games are available for your dates.

We are still getting to know the ins and outs of the system, so please bare
with us...

Our Booqable Lawn Games ordering portal is located at:
Click on the link or on the shopping cart to start the process:

--== The Booking Process ==--

The booking process is as follows:

1.   Go to the Lawn Games Booqable site. Is will show images of all the games that we rent out.
2.   At the top of the page, select your pickup and return date, using the user-friendly calender pop down. Click on "apply". You can change the dates if you want. Durations of 4, 5, and 6 days are available. This is to accomodate public holidays around weekends.

3.   The availability of the games during your booking period will now show.
4.   Click on a game. If the game is available, Select add to cart. This will add the game to your booking. A cart nambed "my order" will popup on the right.
5.   Select all the games you are interested in. Please keep in mind that a minimum order of R850 applies. If your order is below that amount, a non-refundable additional.
6.   You can reduce, increase, and remove games in the cart.
7.   If some of the games you selected are not available, the cart will display "Not all products are available during the selected period"... You will not be able to Checkout.
8.   You will then be taken to a page which requires some additional information from you: Your name, surname, email address, phone number, and your address. Additionall, we require the name and address of the venue the games will be used, as well the type of event (wedding, party, ...) . Finally, we need the name and contact details of the person doing the pickup and return of the games
8.   Read the terms and conditions.
9.   And click on Complete Checkout to finalize your booking request. If an field is empty a red box will apear. Please make sure the fill in a the details.
10.   With in a few days, you will receive emails with the quote, terms and conditions, and a road map to our offices.
11.   Read, complete, scan, and email the signed quote and documents back to us.
12.   A deposit is required to secure the booking. It can be paid using an EFT (electronic funds transfer). Unfortunately, no cash, credit cards, or cheques are accepted (yet). Email the EFT receipt to us to confirm payment.
13.   The full payment will be required 10 working days before the games will be used. If no payment is receive after 5 days, your booking will automatically be cancelled.
14.   ames booked for the weekend can be picked up on the Friday and must be returned by Monday. Games booked in weekdays can be collected the day before its use, and returned the day after.
15.   Please note that Lawn Games is closed on the weekends! Special weekend pick-ups and drop-offs must be negotiated and agreed upon during the booking process.
16.   How our rental cycle works:
● Weekday rentals: 3 day cycle (day 1 = collect, day 2 = event,
    day 3 = return)
● Weekend rentals: 4 day cycle (Friday = collect, Sat/Sun = event,
    day 4 = return)
● Additional days will be calculated on a percentage basis based
    on a 3 day cycle i.e.: If the full rental amount is R600 and the client
    would like to collect on the Thursday, it is 1 extra day of a 3 day cycle.
    Calculation: R600 + (R600 x 1/3) = R800.
● Tailored packages will be offered to clients who would like to rent games
    for more than 2 rental cycles.