Giant White Love Marquee Signs

  These 60cm tall Giant White Love Marquee Signs are a beautiful addition to any wedding or engagement party. They can be placed outside on the grass or patio, or inside in a hall or on a table. The warm white bulbs create a beautiful soft glow effect in the dark.

60 cm long,
40 cm wide (approx),
12 cm deep,

2 x AA batteries per sign.
(8 Batteries in total)
Not included

Approx 6 hours

Bulb Type:
Warm White


Usage Ideas

These beautiful Love Signs can be placed outside in a garden, on the floor in a large hall, or on table. Each sign is battery operated so no need for long and cumbersome power cables. The alkaline batteries are sold separately and last approx. 6 hours.

Included in the Kit:

4 x Large White Love Marquee Signs (L, O, V, E)
4 x Carry Bags, 1 per sign
PS Batteries NOT included