Bocce is a ball sport belonging to the boules sport family and involves rolling (bowling) metallic balls over a grass field. The objective of Bocce is to get as many of your bocci balls as close to the Jack (target) as possible.

2 to 8

1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 4 vs. 4.



Game of Skill

Fun factor

Bocce is the Italian cousin of the French game Boules. It is easy to play and has simple-to-understand rules. Fun no matter where you play it involves two teams (or two individuals) tossing balls closest to the pallino. Knock your opponent's balls out of the way, the player or team with the closest position scores one point for every ball that is closer to the jack than any opponents'. Usually played in nine rounds, it's creates a sun soaked laid-back atmosphere among players enjoying one of the oldest games know to mankind.


Bocce, sometimes anglicized as bocci, is a ball sport belonging to the boules sport family, closely related to bowls and pétanque, with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire. Developed into its present form in Italy (where it is called bocce, the plural of the Italian word boccia which means "bowl"), it is played around Europe and also in overseas areas that have received Italian migrants, including Australia, North America, and South America (where it is known as bochas, or bolas criollas in Venezuela, bocha in Brazil).

Bocce was initially played among the Italian migrants but has slowly become more popular with their descendants and the wider community. The sport is also very popular on the eastern side of the Adriatic, especially in Croatia, Montenegro and Herzegovina, where the sport is known in Croatian as boćanje ("playing boće") or balote (colloquially also bućanje ). In Slovenia the sport is known as balinanje or colloquially "playing boče" or bale (from Italian "bocce" and Venetian "bałe", meaning "balls"). In Southern France the sport is also popular and known as Boule Lyonnaise.

Game Setup and Rules

The game of Bocce is played with eight steel bocce balls and a small target ball called a "Jack" (sometimes called the pallina). There are four balls per team and they are made of different patterns to distinguish the balls of one team from those of the other team.

The game is played with two teams, with each team having one, two, or four players. For four player teams, each player throws one ball. For two player teams, each player throws two balls. For one player teams, each player throws four balls. When there are multiple players on a team, a playing rotation is determined at the start of a game and is maintained throughout the entire game.

A game begins with the toss of a coin. The team that wins the coin toss can choose to either have first toss of the jack or the pattern of the balls they will use. To start a game, the jack is rolled or tossed by a member of the team having won the coin toss.

The player tossing the jack must deliver the first ball, and then steps aside. The opposing team will then deliver their balls until one of its Bocce balls is closer to the jack or has thrown all its balls. The "nearest ball" rule governs the sequence of thrown balls. The side whose ball is closest to the jack is called the "in" ball and the opposing side the "out" ball. Whenever a team gets "in", it steps aside and allows the "out" team to deliver. The other team throws until it gets its ball closer (not ties) to the jack. This continues until both teams have thrown all their Bocce balls. After both teams have exhausted all their balls, a frame is over and points are awarded.

At the end of each frame, points will be awarded. Only one team scores in a frame. One point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the opposing team. In the event that the closest ball of each team is the same distance from the jack, no points will be awarded and the jack returns to the team that delivered it. Only balls which are distinguishably closer to the jack than any of the opponent's balls are awarded points. All measurements should be made from the center of the jack to the edge of a Bocce ball. Games are played to 16 points with the first team reaching 16 points being the winner of a game.

Included in the Kit:

8 x Bocce Balls
1 x Wooden Jack
1 x Measuring Rope
1 x Manual

*Pieces weigh approx. 5 kg.