Horse Shoe Throw

  Horseshoes is an outdoor game with players alternating turns tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground.


1 against 1.



Game of skill

Fun factor

Horseshoe pitching has been around for a long time... A great team game and test for your eye/hand co-ordination! It sparks rivalry among those who enjoy the game; it also sparks friendships among those same competitors. The rules are simple - just hook the stake. Easier said than done for most people.


It is fairly well established that horseshoe throwing (pitching) had its origin in the game of quoits (involving the throwing of a metal or rubber ring over a set distance to land over a pin) and that quoits is a modification of the old Grecian game of discus throwing, known from the Olympic Games.

Iron plates or rings for shoes may have been nailed on horses' feet in Western Asia and Eastern Europe as early as the second century B.C.E. It is thought that camp followers of the Grecian armies, who could not afford the discus, took discarded horseshoes, set up a stake, and began throwing horseshoes at it. Horseshoes historians have been unable to discover when the game was changed so that it was pitched at two stakes.

The game seemed to have been a favourite among soldiers in many wars, where horseshoes were often plentiful. Returning home, these soldiers interested their home folks in the game, and horseshoe-pitching courts were laid out in hundreds of cities, villages, and farming communities.

Game Setup and Rules

Horseshoe throwing is an outdoor game played between two people using four horseshoes and two stakes set in the ground (or traditionally in a sandbox area). The stakes are placed 9 meters apart. A coin is tossed to decide who starts and there after the player to pitch first alternates with then end. Each players stands at one stake and throws 2 horseshoes at the other stake. A horseshoe encircling the stake is called a ringer and counts for the three points. The first player to reach 21 points win.

Included in the Kit:

4 x Iron Horse Shoes
2 x Wooden Stakes
1 x Manual
1 x Carry Box*

*Pieces weigh approx. 2 kg.