Rustic Love Signs

  These 60cm tall Giant Rustic Love Marquee Signs are a beautiful addition to any wedding or engagement party. They can be placed outside on the grass or patio, or inside in a hall or on a table. The white-yellow bulbs create a yellowish white glow that beautfully complements the rustic letters.

60 cm long,
40 cm wide (approx),
12 cm deep,

2 x AA batteries per sign.
(8 Batteries in total)
Not included

Approx 6 hours

Bulb Type:


Some Thoughts

These beautiful Love Signs can be placed outside in a garden, on the floor in a large hall, or on table. Each sign is battery operated so no need for long and cumbersome power cables. The alkaline batteries are sold separately and last approx. 6 hours.

Ideas from the Internet

Here are some random pictures that we found on the internet of how people have used similar rustic love signs as decor for weddings.

Included in the Kit:

4 x Large Rustic Love Marquee Signs (L, O, V, E)
4 x Carry Bags, 1 per sign
PS Batteries NOT included